Pretty in Pink Update #2

Oh so slow she goes...

Pretty in Pink WIP Helen Shideler

I have set this painting aside a couple of time.  Not for loss of interest but for competing priorities.  Namely a couple of commissions.  Then there was the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge.  And a wonderful trip to Vancouver to visit family and welcome a beautiful new grandson.  So there have been numerous delays.

I started back in this past week.  I had to redraw the centre of the flowers as the lines I originally drew lost their interpretation over time (and some really faded) so now they did not make as much sense to me.  After all that scrutiny on the blooms I started in with the background.  Go figure.  But this was quite liberating.  I was able to cover a large area of the painting and still work loose.  Understand that when I say loose, the work is carefully planned and thought through before I even pick up a wet brush.  

I got pretty excited as the background started to take shape. Controlled wet-in-wet washes, mingling colours and multiple washes.  Delicious and fun!  And the roses started to pop with the contrast.

And then back into the redrawn blooms starting from the top down. I plan on completing this one this week.  Fingers crossed!