Painting at the Irving Nature Park

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I had to get outdoors and paint.  This requires a lot of thinking on my part.  Do I want to take my watercolours?  Or perhaps my Oils?  Or even acrylics?  As I pondered and gathered up my stuff, I decided to bring both watercolours and acrylics.

Ran through the usual checklist, water - check, paper towels - check, garbage bag- check, hat- check etc.  Finally I had the car all paced up.  Then another decision  - where to go?  I went to Meenans Cove Beach but was unable to get parked close enough to where I wanted to paint.  This is quite important as I hurt my knee and walking over rough ground hurts.  So I went to Rockwood Park  and drove around. In fact I drove past the point I was looking foe.  Then I found myself at one of my favourite places on earth, the Irving Nature Park.

I pulled out my watercolours and thought I was in heaven.  I think I have come to a conclusion.  I really do not have to pack up my entire studio to go out painting for the day.  I need my watercolours or my water soluble oils.  I almost never paint with acrylic outside. 

My set up for the day

My set up for the day

And produced this 11 x 14" watercolour sketch in a little over an hour.  I had to leave as I was quickly mosquito lunch and did not have any bug spray with me.  Ph well.  Must remember to add bug spray to the list.  

It was interesting to watch the behaviour of a little red squirrel who seemed to be protesting me being there.  Every time a car parked nearby, it would emerge front eh tree, chirping wildly and run up to the car. Apparently the squirrels are expecting to be fed.  I did not know this - hence the reason it was protesting my presence there.

Getting ready for this event

Plein Air Painters of the Bay of Fundy